What Is Niche & Niche Marketing ?

What Is Niche & Niche Marketing ?


one among the foremost frequent problems faced by many New Affiliate Marketers is PICKING A NICHE for his or her Affiliate Marketing Strategy. 

Not only the Marketers, many bloggers also have the same issue. But when it comes to start Affiliate Marketing journey, picking a Niche is basically a trouble thing because as a beginner we aren’t able to choose or decide exactly “WHAT TO PROMOTE & WHAT TO SELL”.

In this article we’ll understand about this Niche and Niche Marketing and I hope it’ll assist you to start out your Affiliate Marketing journey. 

Let’s see first what Mr. Google & Mr. Wikipedia tell about Niche & Niche Marketing –

“According to Google, Niche means denoting or concerning products, services, or interests that appeal to a little, specialized section of the population.”

“According to Wikipedia, a niche market is that the subset of the market on which a selected product is concentrated. The market niche defines the merchandise features aimed toward satisfying specific market needs, also because the price range, production quality and therefore the demographics that it’s intended to focus on. it’s also a little market segment.”

I know both the above statements aren’t conveying the precise meaning what we actually want to understand. Because of this I personally don’t prefer Wikipedia for any information because it tell tons but not what we are trying to find.


Now, according to me what I understood so far from my Affiliate Marketing experience, a Niche may be a group of people who share SIMILAR INTEREST or SIMILAR TASTE or WANT SIMILAR THING and ultimately WANT TO BUY PRODUCTS of SIMILAR TASTELet’s understand this with an example:

In above diagram you can see the classification in which WEIGHT LOSS isn’t your Niche. It’s a subject which is extremely broad and include many products for many audiences. But if we narrow it, then we can see DIET is a part of WEIGHT LOSS, so we will consider here DIET as our Niche. 

Furthermore, there are many sorts of DIET so again we’ll narrow this and that we get further more options like KETO DIET, PALEO DIET, VEGAN DIET and so on. Now these three separately are our Micro-Niches on which we can work and promote related Articles, Products or Services. 

Micro-Niche is a small group of Audience whom we will target and sell our products or service because they’re Particularly curious about that. There are few benefits of choosing Micro Niche:

>> If you will target only small group of people to sell your product or service, then there are many chances that you can easily convert them as regular buyer of your product or service because in this way you can provide them value and build their trust in you.

>> There will be less competition in Micro-Niche. You can easily build your audience and Promote/Sell your product or service over again and again as long as they have trust on you.

>> Keep practicing and focusing on only one Niche / Micro Niche will make you expert in Affiliate Marketing and you will see the results how fast you grow and earn money.



If you really want to be a successful Affiliate Marketer, you should better need to do following things at first:

1. Identify your area of interest so that you will be able to explain or write better about that Niche/Product and can provide value to your customer which will ultimately convert them into buyers at a point. 

2. List down all the Niches / Micro Niches you are interested in and make a list of all the products you want to Promote / Sell.

3. Always choose those profitable Products which actually being sold because products are what drive E-commerce and without products you can’t promote anything as an affiliate. So you have to have those profitable products which are actually there in Market because then only you will earn money.

4. The most important thing is YOUR PATIENCE. Affiliate Marketing is not very easy nowadays because there are many big names in this field who have sacrificed years of time to become expert and successful Marketers. 

It goes with a saying “ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY”. Likewise It also will definitely take time according to your effort, the more you put the more you get. 

Building your audience fast will depend on how valuable your product or service is for your audience because this is a psychological game. Just show them what they want to see in your product or service and gain their trust. Keep putting your efforts with consistency and audience will automatically engage with your products or services.


We can see so many examples out there, due to lack of patience they surrender and stop putting efforts because they don’t make profit from Affiliate Marketing. The reason why they don’t make profit is that they are doing so many things at one time instead of focusing on just one thing. 

Our goal is to gain expertise on one Niche/Product as a beginner and not messing the different things to confuse our audience.

There are so many good examples out there in the field of Affiliate Marketing and see how beautifully & smoothly they are running their online business.




Like these individuals there are many more successful Affiliate Marketers who also started their journey from Zero at some point of time and now they are at another level and their online business is getting exploded.


>> Identify your area of interest.

>> Choose your Niche / Micro Niche.

>> Create valuable content or write good and effective articles. DO NOT COPY, CREATE ORIGINAL CONTENT.

>> Target your Niche Audience with that product by doing promotion or giving your honest reviews.

>> Your Patience is the key of your Success

>> Follow the great Affiliate Marketers for New Ideas


That’s all from my side. I hope I was able to give you more clarification on WHAT IS NICHE & NICHE MARKETING. Please leave your comment if you have any better alternative thought about Niche Marketing. It will help other visitors to understand better.

What Is Niche & Niche Marketing ?
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What Is Niche & Niche Marketing ?
Picking a NICHE is very important. This article will assist you to start out your Affiliate Marketing journey.
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