Why Website is Important for Online Business ?

Why Website is Important for Online Business ?


In previous post we discussed How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website or Blog and we concluded that practically it is not compulsory to have own Website or Blog to do Affiliate Marketing. In this post we will cover opposite of that, Why Website is Important for Online Business? 

No need to get confused, the reason behind publishing this article is because personally I also went through this thought of earning without website and what difference I saw after having my own website.

That’s true that we can do Affiliate Marketing without a Website but in order to succeed with Affiliate Marketing you should have a Website. 

Because it increases the potential of earning very high. It unlocks many features and options for you to do many things like Affiliate Marketing, Running Your Own E-Commerce Website, Membership Business, Online Tutorial and so on. 

There are “N” number of options of online earning if you have your own Website and trust me it can give you more returns.

Like many people out there I am also very serious about Affiliate Marketing because I feel this is the best way to generate Passive Income and it has been proved already.

I used to read different blogs, articles, watch videos of Affiliate Marketers just to get some idea if I also could start with NO MONEY and can earn LOTS OF MONEY by doing Affiliate Marketing. Thinking so it’s common because like me there are many people out there who also feel the same way I do. 

Even I tried also but unable to generate much profit and then I left it in between as it really requires your time, efforts and moreover your patience.

So, there is a truth that without a Website not all can be succeeded with Affiliate Marketing because competition is very tough nowadays. Considering this factor I decided to run my own Website. And I would also suggest you to have a Website if you are really serious about it and want to make money online with NO LIMIT. 

As a beginner you can start without a Website as it gives you lots of knowledge and ideas for doing Affiliate Marketing but once you start making profit, better start a Website and expand your earnings.

Now many of you think that it takes money to start a Website and what is the guarantee if it will work out or not. At this point you’re right and yes it requires money to buy Domain & Web Hosting and also there is really NO GUARANTEE about whether your website would be able to give you returns or not. 

But it’s all about giving it a try if you are really serious about Affiliate Marketing like I am. It will take only $70 for an entire year and you will have ONE WHOLE YEAR to run your online money making system. It’s not that expensive if its about setting up your own business, just think about it deeply. 

Maybe you are a Non-Technical person or you don’t have any idea about how to create a website. Believe me there are many resources which can give you more than enough information about creating an amazing website. 

Currently WORDPRESS is the best website platform in the market and it is not so difficult to create a Website with WordPress as it doesn’t require any Technical Knowledge and anyone can do it. 

Now the deeper issue here is most of you guys are looking for an easy way. And this is why because deep down you are actually lazy and you’re looking for any sort of easy shortcut to do Affiliate Marketing. 

But my friend the truth is “Mindset” is really what separates those who are successful and those who are not. Because when you have a Mindset of getting easy way you don’t put 100% in your efforts. 

My philosophy is that if you are going to put your work upfront and not just time but also your investment, then that’s when you can actually see the results that 99% other people who are looking for Fast, Cheap and Easy are never going to experience.

I have been on the both sides of the court and I know what is better because I see the results. The real key separator is Mindset, and the Mindset is ARE YOU WILLING TO INVEST YOUR TIME & MONEY BOTH to see real results, improve yourself every single day and outlast the competition or YOU WANT TO BE ON THE OTHER SIDE ? 

For instance you can check online about all the successful Affiliate Marketers and see how they started their journey to reach at this level and what did they invest.


>> You can increase your reach worldwide

>> You can promote any product or service without any restrictions

>> You can capture visitors details and use them for future promotions through Emails & Funnels.

>> Having a Website reflects Professionalism

>> You can run your own Online Store or Any Online Business

>> You can do 24*7 Advertising for your products or for your clients if your website has large traffic

>> Your Website gives you Instant Brand Credibility which fetch you more sales and customers

>> You can Monetize your Website according to your choice to generate Passive Income

>> Your Website gives you recognition among the people and certainly become popular if your contents are useful for your audience.

Like these there are much more benefits of having a Website but its all upto you whether to have it or not.

Now here we have two options:

1. If you are a beginner then you should give some time to yourself and start Affiliate Marketing without Website just to understand the system “How It Works ?”. And once you have confidence of running a Website, then go for it.

2. If you already spent some time as an Affiliate Marketer then its the right time to go for it.


After you get your Domain & Webhosting, you can click the following button for a STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL to create your own Professional Website within just couple of hours. 

I hope you liked this post and if yes then please comment below and let me know about your thoughts and suggestions, or if you want me to write article about any other topic related to Affiliate Marketing.

Why Website is Important For Your Online Business?
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Why Website is Important For Your Online Business?
If you want to succeed in Affiliate Marketing, you must have your own Website. It will really boost your earnings.
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