Welcome to this RETAINIO REVIEW and in this article we will cover this app’s features, benefits, scope and bonuses. I hope this article will help you to decide about this software. Let’s get started…


Retainio is a MicroBuzz Site Builder that Attracts Viral Traffic and produces Leads and Sales With Very Little Effort. With Retainio, You Can Publish An Entire Network of MicroBuzz Viral Type Sites With Minimal Effort. All you need to do just follow 3 Simple Steps and your site will go live instantly and you can see the massive traffic on your site very quickly.

This app is launched lately and already it has gone viral among the people who have their website but they lack traffic and ultimately not generating any income while they can make with Retainio.


  1. World’s First and Only Microbuzz Site Builder.
  2. You can create Viral Traffic Sucking Post in just 3 Simple Steps.
  3. Retainio comes with an amazing integration of PIXABAY, YOUZIGN and GIPHY in case if you want more images and resources to make your sites stand out.
  4. You can create Sites for Passive Revenue.
  5. You can sell leads from the sign ups you get on your sites.
  6. You can create sites to flip for Lump Sums.
  7. You can create a content generating service business.
  8. On the top of all these, Retainio doesn’t require any Installation or Download.


Retainio, unlike many other softwares, provides you several features with help of which you can make a Money Making Microbuzz SIte within few minutes. Some of the coolest Elementary Features of Retainio are:

>> You can add Videos from Youtube Vimeo to your Microbuzz Site by just few clicks.

>> People like to interact with each other on a topic and exchange their views or thoughts, and to make people get engaged on your site you can create Polls also, it will literally bring more traffic to your website.

>>  Added Convo feature on your site will allow you to add members, images and more. Great for giving your visitors a way to ‘eavesdrop’ on whatever text you want to display on your site while pushing them towards any offer you want.

>> Retainio has a Gallery features for your site so that you may create different and attractive slideshows for your visitors. You can also use this as a great way to create the types of posts that give a top number of some sort. Such as the popular posts that you see online like “10 Celebrity Homes That You Have To See”

>> Including Quote feature on your site will give your site a bit of flair. You can place different motivational quotes by big names on your site or you can create your own as well to attract more attention of visitors. 

>> In today’s age, we all are addicted to mobile phone and to it’s various apps (especially social media apps) like YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, TIKTOK, TWITTER, etc. If you ever noticed all these apps have the same features of SWIPER (i.e. scrolling the content UP & DOWN) and swiping is now in our habit if we use a mobile phone. Considering this factor, Retainio also provides the same feature of SWIPER on your microbuzz site which really make visitors to stay on your site for a longer period which ultimately minimize the Bounce Rate of your site. 

>> Whenever you want to write a post, you can do it with the help of full fledged TEXT EDITOR which allows you to customize you content like changing colors, font, size, etc to make your content more attractive. If your content provides value to your visitors, believe me your Microbuzz Site will be exploded with tons of visitors.

>> Like I said, providing value is the key for driving massive traffic and once you are able to do so you can let them through your offers also and ultimately convert them into your buyers by simply adding a CALL TO ACTION button. There are many websites who provides very useful contents for their visitors but they never give any offer to their visitors or never create Call To Action system on their site and consequently they miss the opportunity of sale.



We all know about selling Amazon Affiliate Products on several different platforms like Facebook, Youtube, WordPress Website, etc and to do this we need to add products manually. But Retainio has something special for you to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing because it will not let you to do more work on your part. You only need to add your Amazon affiliate details to Retainio and afterwards, every time you create a post – Retainio will automatically add relevant Amazon products below each post with your embedded affiliate link. Isn’t it cool ?

This means anyone who clicks on those links will be cookied (tracked with your affiliate id) for 24 hours and you’ll earn income from WHATEVER they buy on Amazon during that time frame. And it’s a know fact that Amazon offers bundles of products so you can expect a boost in your Amazon Affiliate Earnings without hardly lifting a finger.


Retainio has the ability to lock the content and you can use this feature to increase the curiosity of visitor’s and exponentially generate a list of all the interested visitors. By doing this you are actually creating your asset for present sale and future sales. Once you have that list, you will have the power to promote or sell your product in many ways. In my opinion this is one of the great features of Retainio.


This method has been a traditional one so far and very common but effective also. There is a saying, “OUT OF SIGHT IS OUT OF MIND”. Placing a Banned Ad related to your content on your microbuzz site will be able to generate sales. 

I guess so far you might be very impressed by this amazing app and all of it’s features and you should be. Very first time we have something different in 2020 and it’s jaw-dropping features are a real gems for beginners & experienced also because competition is very tough. But wait, you must be thinking about how will you spread your microbuzz site out to the world or how to do SEO to rank in google. The answer is, let RETAINIO do it for you. It has it’s own system to work and if you want to know more about it, you can visit their official website by clicking on the below button.


VENDOR – Karthik Ramani

PRODUCT – Retainio – Microbuzz Site Builder

LAUNCH DATE – 26th June 2020

SUPPORT – Effective Support

REFUND POLICY – 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

SKILL LEVEL – Anyone can use it

CURRENT PRICEStarter – $32 || Commercial – $34 [One Time Price ; Dynamic Price]



>> Retainio is world’s First & Only Microbuzz Site Builder. 

>> It is a kind of Done For You platform.

>> Retainio allows you to create a monetized microbuzz site with wonderful integrations.

>> Retainio is giving 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE WITH NO QUESTION ASKED. Hence, there is no Money Risk.

>> On the top of all these, even after having so many coolest features RETAINIO TEAM is giving away other Bonuses also.



After going through all the features and benefits of RETAINIO, I personally feel that this software is something new and its worth giving it a try, and even the price is also not so high because of it’s initial launch the creator is selling this app on a low price but once it will be boosted in market, the price will also boom up. So, I would highly recommend this product to all those people who are serious about Affiliate Marketing. And one more thing, you should not require any Technical Skill to use this product, it is simple to operate but might take some time to get expertise on it.

If you also feel good about this product then without any delay just grab this product because this is limited period offer and certainly it’s price will go high in few days.

I hope you liked this RETAINIO REVIEW article, if yes then please comment below and let me know if you have any suggestion or thought about Affiliate Marketing. For more related topics you can go through my BLOGS.

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