For a long time, Guest Post Blogging has been the best way to create backlinks and generate traffic on the website.

Just because it became a trend for every blogger to do guest blogging and gain links, Formerly Head of Web Spam (Google) Matt Cutts gave a statement publicly in 2014 –

“Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop.”

Now, it has been 6 years and still guest blogging is alive. Still, it is a great strategy to build links on websites.

The only difference is the quality of Guest Blogging. 

High-quality Guest Blogging always remains alive, effective and, result-oriented while on the other hand, low-quality guest blogging doesn’t generate results and ultimately is lost in piles of blogs.

In this article, we will see if Guest Post Blogging in 2020 is still effective for SEO or not. 
Without further ado, let’s dive into it.


Featured snippet from the web

“Guest Blogging is a content marketing and SEO technique where someone writes and publishes a blog post on a third-party website or blog to promote their personal/corporate brand.”

In other words, it is a technique to expose brands to a relevant audience and is an effective method to generate awareness, but it needs to be done carefully or else you will be penalized by Google.

It is not always about some kind of promotion, but instead, it can be the most effective method to deliver education to interested audiences.


  1. You become popular in the industry.
  2. Your website starts getting massive traffic in a short period of time.
  3. Most importantly, you build Backlinks to your website.
  4. It boosts the Domain Authority by creating external links to High Authority Domains.
  5. It increases Brand Credibility and Awareness.

In fact, if you notice it is a mutually beneficial arrangement. 

Publishers want to feed their audience with quality content and increase their engagement. On the other hand, the authors want to promote their brand or blog.


Target The Website Where You Want To Post Your Guest Blog

Once you identify the website where you want to publish your guest post, you have to do some homework.

> Explore the website thoroughly

> See the types of guest blogs it accepts.

> Notice it’s standard blogging format.

> Type of audience it has.

> Check if your niche is matching their website content.

> Are all the posts engaging and shared socially and commented upon?

Once you’re sure about the above points, you are good to proceed further.

Guest Blogger Guidelines

This is the most crucial part which maybe some bloggers forget to take a look into. Every website owner has some guidelines to accept guest blogs.

Before pitching the owner, make sure to accomplish the following:

> Type of posts owner wants

> Format of posts

> Make sure you have all your blogs posted on your social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter).

Check The Performance of Other Guest Posts

Here comes a challenging part. 

When you are approaching a particular website, there will be many blogs posted by other guest bloggers and the website owner as well.

And, If the audience has more engagement in the blogs of the owner than of the guest bloggers, then it could be quite struggling for you to build links and generate traffic.

You won’t be able to do so well whatever you are intending.

Send Personalized Email To The Website Owner

You are in 2020, where competition in Digital Marketing is at its peak level. 

Like you, there will be thousands of Bloggers contacting the same person for guest blogging.

If you want to clear this stage and outstand the competition, you can’t be lazy to write an email that can grab the owner’s attention.

I would highly recommend starting your email addressing the owner by his/her name, instead of using common sentences (i.e. Dear Sir/Madam).

If you can’t find the name of the owner on the website, search everywhere online you can possibly find. Don’t ignore this part, trust me it really works in a positive way.

Also, your email should cover the following two important things-

> If the website owner is a Blogger, introduce yourself as a Blogger. And if the owner is an influencer, introduce yourself as an influencer, and so on. In this way, you are more likely to get some attention from the owner.

> In the email, share the links to some of your popular blogs that have potential social media engagement also. It will create a positive impact on the owner and certainly increases the chances of acceptance.

And if you also have any new idea in your mind, just use it to make a creative email.

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Time To Write And The Submit The Guest Post

Epic content always gives results. Blogging is a skill that needs to be polished by research and practice.

When it comes to Guest Post Blogging in 2020, you have to give your best. As mentioned earlier, the competition is quite tough.

But still in 2020, yet there are some basic and common techniques to write a Guest Blog Post.

  1. Length of Blog Post Matters

Yes, it does matter because there are audiences who like to read long informative posts. The more in-depth your content is, the more engagement you get in your post.

Make sure your post contains at least around 2000 words and top of that your content should be unique and more informative than others which are already available on the web. Plus people love visuals, don’t forget to add some new images or videos. 

P.S: DO NOT USE DUPLICATE IMAGES as it will affect your content SEO.


  1. Avoid Advertising Your Brand or Website

Never forget that you are posting the blog on Third Party Website, then you must obey their rules and guidelines. 

Always try to share informative and educational content while doing Guest Post Blogging, but not kind of advertisement or brand promotion.


  1. Place the “About Author” Column Right at the beginning of the Post

Before the audience jumps into your content, let them know about you first.

Your “Bio” should not be boring, tell something catchy and interesting about yourself or about your passion. 

And always insert a link to your own website, this is the place where you should advertise your brand. 


Time for some Decoration

It’s not about decorating your post with random stuff. It is about formatting your post according to the owner’s website.

As said earlier, people love visuals. Avoid over-decoration and make your content as decent as possible. Catchy Heading, Fonts, Colors, Sub-heading Distribution, 3-4 sentence paragraphs, etc are the methods for giving some finishing.


Call To Action

If you really want people to give feedback or comments about your post, always add Call to Action for comments before finishing the post.

In this way, you are directly asking readers to react to your post. And your job is to reply to every comment out there.

Google loves this type of posts where more interactions & discussions happen and consequently rank high in Search Engine.


Google Searches

This is the easiest way to find the Websites who really accept Guest Blogs. Suppose if your niche is “Weight Loss”, then your search should be like following – 

Weight Loss + “guest post”

Weight Loss + “submit a guest post”

Weight Loss + “write to us”

Weight Loss + “write for us”

Weight Loss + “accepting guest posts”

Weight Loss + “guest blog post”

Weight Loss + “guest post written by”

Weight Loss + “writer wanted”

Weight Loss + “article wanted”

Weight Loss + “blogger wanted”

And so on….

You will certainly find a number of websites that accept Guest Blog Posts. You can simply visit their blog submission page and follow the steps as discussed above.

Guest Post Blogging

Follow The Famous Bloggers

If you are a Blogger then you must have heard names of some most popular Bloggers like Neil Patel, Jon MorrowTim Soulo, Poornima VijayashankerJames Clear, etc.

These people also must have done Guest Blogging on other websites. Simply track those websites and you will have a complete list of those websites within just 5 minutes. 

It is simple to search. Just search like this – Neil Patel followed “guest post by”

But you need to find out the Bloggers who are into your industry.

Guest Post By Neil Patel

Search on Twitter

Bloggers love social media and they always remain active out there because they are getting more engagements from there.

Twitter Search is the easiest one to track guest blogging websites because Bloggers generally share their guest blogs on social media.

Use Twitter Search and perform the same method to make a list of websites.

Twitter Search Guest Post

Even if it doesn’t work for you and you want a readymade list of Guest Blogging Websites, just don’t worry.

Click this link and Get a List of 500+ Websites for Guest Post Blogging Opportunities.


Guest blogging is a Two-Way Street, it means it will offer mutual benefits to both the guest blogger and the website owner.

Publishers want more audience engagement and authors want traffic or backlinks. Guest blogging has this potential.

Apparently, lots of spam Bloggers are already there and should be restricted. But the point is that with good research, guest blogging can be made successful. 

You should allow guest postings on your site but you need to take care of few things:

> Allow the writers within your niche and market.

> Allow the post only, If the content is clear and explains what it is about.

> Check if the content is published somewhere else already or not.

> Check their social media reach, followers ,and comments about their postings.

> Check if their industry aligns with yours.

> Check if they have a High Authority Domain that would amplify your own SEO ranking.

“The key consideration is deciding whether a potential guest can genuinely contribute something to your audience or not.”


If you are intending to provide high-quality valuable guest blogs, then certainly it can be a powerful tool for building your Domain Authority and get ranked high in Google Search.

As long as your content is of high quality, informative, and helpful for others then you will ultimately see that other bloggers will link back to your site on their websites.

This is because your content might be very interesting and resourceful for their audience and when audiences start reacting to it by likes, shares, and comments. 

It will automatically get boosted in Google Ranking.

And on the other side, if your content is of low-quality and just for the sake of creating backlinks you managed to get it published, trust me it will help neither publisher nor author.

Google likes Engaging Posts and Not Just The Posts. There are some SEO rules which you have to follow if you want to rank high in Google. The answer to all the questions about ranking on the first page of Google is THE CONTENT MUST BE SEO OPTIMIZED.


Guest Post Blogging in 2020 still has the same impact on every website as it has for the past many years. It is still worth it to use this technique for website development.

It helps many bloggers to create backlinks, generate standard traffic, and develop their websites and still, it is a great way to build Domain Authority.

It is a kind of practice which every blogger should try but not in a spammy way. Guest Blogging is a People Helping People formula (Give and Take Method). Bloggers are very smart nowadays and they know how to handle this guest posting technique.

But I would like to add my personal opinion here. Instead of craving for backlinks and building Domain Authority, you should focus more on providing valuable content and intend to build a long-lasting relationship with the website owner.

Even in your pitch also your positive intention should reflect. Make them feel that your association would be very useful for them. And this is not just about a single posting but in the future also you are willing to provide more valuable content for their readers.

If this happens, you will see that your website will grow automatically over time. SLOW & STEADY ALWAYS WINS THE RACE.


The Problem comes with New Bloggers. Obviously in the beginning their Domain Rating will be low but doesn’t mean it is “spammy” or “toxic link”. 

Google’s “PageRank” formula works on a page-by-page basis. Which means you can get a link from a strong page on a weak domain, and vice-versa.

Pursuing links from High Domain Rating sites are generally advised because they tend to have more powerful pages. But some low-DR sites will grow in popularity and reach a higher Domain Rating, so your link may become more valuable over time.

So the conclusion is – Don’t avoid publishing guest posts on legit-looking low-DR blogs.

That’s all from my side.

If you feel that this post was helpful to you then please comment below and let me know your feedback and suggestion.

And also feel free to ask anything related to Affiliate Marketing.

Guest Post Blogging in 2020
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Guest Post Blogging in 2020
Guest Post Blogging in 2020 is still effective for SEO or not. Guest Blogging is a content marketing and SEO technique where someone writes and publishes a blog post on a third-party website or blog to promote their personal/corporate brand.”
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