How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website


There are so many individuals who want to start Affiliate Marketing but suddenly they stop because they think that for doing Affiliate Marketing they need a Website or Blog. But if you ask me I would say NO, you really don’t need any Website or Blog for Affiliate Marketing. In this post we will discuss about how to start Affiliate Marketing without a Website or Blog.

Its true that if you have a Website or Blog then getting profits from Affiliate Marketing is certain. But it is also true that not everyone cannot afford to have a website if he/she is starting from scratch. 

But even if they can afford, the problem comes in operating that website or blog as writing unique posts / articles consistently is not that easy. It does require lots of time and efforts to build a search engine friendly website. 

The Business Model of Affiliate Marketing is very unique and has very low overhead as it doesn’t require any Office Space, Employees, Inventory, Shipping, Distribution, Packaging, etc. The only cost is Advertising.

Even then you can still get Free Organic Traffic and without it’s low cost the potential with Affiliate Marketing is Massive & Infinitely Scalable because there is no limit in this to sell products or services. If you really put in your  hard work & effort then you will be rewarded definitely based on the value you provide to the Market.

So this post is for all those beginners who want to start Affiliate Marketing without a Website or Blog. Let’s get started.



You are already aware about Youtube as it is one of our entertainment sources because of it’s many creative and amazing contents. But if we consider this platform for our business then it will on the top because It is a free platform and anyone can join this and start making videos about any niche.

Once you create a Youtube Channel you can make videos from your smartphone and publish the videos online. Some of the benefits of having a Youtube Channel & creating content on there for Affiliate Marketing is that Video is really a great format that sells very well.

Because the video is a longer form content and you can make videos that are 10-20-30 minutes or maybe an hour long. People like to see the face in videos and talking to the people in the videos are more effective to build a relationship much more quickly than just using text & website. 

And Youtube videos have capabilities to generate passive income no matter how old your videos are because anyone can stumble upon your videos anytime and if they like your content then it’s not a big deal that they can buy also from your affiliate link. 

The more views your video gets the more chances are there for you to get profit because Youtube drives Free Organic Traffic to your channel on daily basis.


In my opinion Sales Funnel is the better way to do Affiliate Marketing than making a whole leverage website. We can say it is a mini version of a website. Unlike website it has only one page which only ask for an Email Id of a visitor and once you get email id of that visitor then you can do follow up by sending promotional emails.

In Sales Funnel you are simply creating a Landing Page and after that providing him a valuable content which will drive him through the funnel to buy the product. Sounds simple right ? but it’s not that easy, because according to a survey only 2% people are happen to buy product in first visit .

So what we have to do, we need to do follow up with emails and it can be done by many automation software like MAILCHIMPGETRESPONSEAWEBER, etc. For more information you can visit  their websites for tutorials also. 

By using these softwares you are generating a list of those customer who provided you their email id because they are somewhere interested in that product. There is a saying in Sales Industry, YOUR LIST IS YOUR ASSET. In order to generate passive income you need to create a Landing Page for whatever you want to sale and grab their email id for further sales. 

Now you must be thinking where to promote the landing page, the answer is Social Media Platforms, Forums, etc. But before any promotion make sure you read their complete guidelines for any kind of promotion, no need to take risk to promote everywhere. 

Just lookout for a suitable platform where you can do weekly promotion among your audience. One more thing, never start doing promotion instantly after joining the group or community as it can be considered as spamming. Better first start engaging with the people out their, build relationship and interact with them upon the topic or niche you want to promote.


About Facebook Ads running on your Facebook Business Page I have already discussed in my previous post FACEBOOK ADVERTISEMENT. But now there is one more way to start Affiliate Marketing on Facebook is by creating your own FACEBOOK GROUP. 

It is absolutely Free, you just need to build a community in order to sell high ticket things. Building a group on a particular Niche is much better because over time they have been following you and interacting with you. And when you have a community which revolves around one niche, then it gets much much much easier to sell your products because they are also actually interested to know about new products in the market and ultimately they will buy at a point.

One great feature of Facebook is you get Free Organic Traffic and you just need to invite them to join your group but not randomly. Join groups which are similar to your niche and invite them to join your group and they will. It may take some time but it will be more effective to start your Affiliate Marketing.

But if we see a bad side of Facebook group then the only drawback is you cannot automate Facebook account for Passive Income. You have to manage the group by yourself and keep posting the useful things for your audience. On Facebook & Youtube you don’t get email ids of people like in Sales Funnel, there are followers or subscribers which may or may not look at your content or product. 


It is not the most effective method for Affiliate Marketing but still can be a way to generate passive income if you manage to generate thousands of followers. 

Again this is time consuming task but once you have that numbers of followers you can drive your followers to your product by giving links in your bio.


The main drawback of Instagram is that you cannot direct link your post and in Google Search your instagram posts don’t rank because the contents are not sticky on Instagram.

On Instagram the asset will be your followers because they like your content and you have to keep posting that type of contents and further can be converted into your potential customers. 

There is one more feature on Instagram is Running Paid Advertisements. The reach of instagram is quite broad and running paid ads can be profitable sometime. There are many examples of business pages on Instagram who are successfully  running their online business using instagram and earning thousands of dollars.

You can also create an account and start engaging with the people and share your ideas with them but again, you need to put in your efforts and time to be successful like many others.


After considering the above four methods, I personally recommend you to start with a Youtube Channel if you are comfortable. But if you don’t want to show your face then Facebook is the best platform to start with because Facebook is the second most visited place on Earth.

Instead of watching or reading several posts or videos about Affiliate Marketing, I would suggest you to give it a start and put in your efforts. Because different article / videos will give you different ideas which may confuse you, so avoiding that, better identify your area of interest and start from somewhere and provide valuable ideas or products to the market.

I hope you like this post and if yes, just write in comment and let me know if you have are really trying any of these methods and getting success. Your feedback can motivate any beginner around here. 

Plus if you want to know anything more about Affiliate Marketing or related topics, feel free to drop your suggestions.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website or Blog ?
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How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website or Blog ?
You really don’t need any Website or Blog for Affiliate Marketing. The potential with Affiliate Marketing is Massive & Infinitely Scalable
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